Battersea Park Couple session

Battersea Park Couple session was a great experience with a lovely couple we have photographed before. Michelle and Ricardo got married last year in stunning Burgh House, and we had a pleasure to photograph their beautiful and intimate wedding ceremony. They contacted me a month before their 1st anniversary to arrange a portrait session to celebrate this special occasion. They told me they want something romantic and sophisticated and we together decided that Battersea Park will be our prime location.

To be completely honest I haven’t visited this particular park for a while and haven’t remembered how beautiful it is. Go and visit it if you have got the chance, ideally for a picnic or long walk around. I love all these hidden gems in it. Rock caves, lakes, tree paths, small bridges, rose gardens and Fontaine in the middle of the park. It’s located only walking distance from the Thames River where you can visit the biggest Chinese pagoda in London.

I knew it it’s going to be a relaxing and cheerful session. Michelle and Ricardo are a sweet, laid-back couple deeply in love with each other. We have done a bit of walk around and I was closely watching their love and affection for each other to capture these special and subtle moments. It was such a pleasure photographing these two cuddling and kissing without them even considering the camera. Thank you for choosing us to be your London wedding photographer. If you want to arrange a Battersea Park Couple Session with us,  we are happy to assist you.

Battersea Park Wedding Photographer