Ealing Town Hall Wedding Photography

Marianna and Rex had planned casual, laid back and relaxed wedding day focusing mostly on their relatives. From the beginning, they were after intimate ceremony only surrounded by closest friends and family. They were looking for photographers who will blend in with the guests, and we believe we achieved this perfectly. They both are vegan and the wedding day itself was strongly indicated by that. Groom and bride’s wedding shoes were made from an eco-leather material. Marianna was wearing a vintage jewellery and the wedding buffet was full of delicious vegan food.

They decided to get married in Ealing Town Hall Register Office, a spectacular and distinguishing late-Victorian gothic building located on Ealing Broadway.
After intimate ceremony but before we headed over to the reception venue, Marianne and Rex decided to have a little break and few minutes for themselves. They went to the nearby cafe for refreshments and we use this occasion to snap few pictures. The reception venue – Watkin’s Folly – was their friend’s place which he let them use on the wedding day. The whole area was decorated with colourful, Mexican details. Sombreros and tequilas’ shot glass everywhere and later in the evening, the real Mariachi were playing on the stage. The whole day was really exciting, and we had an amazing time with two of them. 

If you are planning your vegan wedding day and still looking for London wedding photographer, please contact us as we would love to be involved.

Ealing Town Hall Wedding Photographer