Fennes Wedding Photography

Wow, the colourful Fennes Wedding Photography of Zayba and Aamir was excellent. There is something truly unique about this The Fennes wedding venue. Situated in North Essex countryside,  elegant Georgian Manor House circled by landscaped gardens it’s a perfect backdrop for your wedding day celebrations.

Zayba and Aamir decided to split their day into separate ceremonies. Intimate, close family only, civil ceremony in the early afternoon and then traditional religious Islamic celebration in the evening. We loved the idea that they mixed their Asian wedding’s traditions with Scottish origins. Both bride preparations were taking place in the bridal suite in the Fennes. For the civil ceremony, Zayba was wearing a simple yet very charming white dress with delicate makeup on her. For the difference, her evening dress and makeup were all about the colour and strong composition – breathtaking. Zayba was wearing traditional Asian bridal jewellery – necklace, earrings, mattapatti, and panchas – which her mum passed down to her as a wedding gift. Her Louboutin wedding shoes were a present from the groom for passing a PhD, and she decided to use them for the first time on her wedding day.

Evening ceremony started with Dhol drummers and Scottish piper walking ahead of the groom followed by the bride walking under a canopy held by her bridesmaids. Through the day, we aimed to capture the essence of the day by showing family rituals and sentimental approach to the religious traditions but also modern touches taking place during the Asian weddings in London.

Two ceremonies and two outfits meant two couple sessions! And that’s precisely what we did. You can see the results below. It was a fantastic day filled with love, joy and happiness.

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