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We are Jay and Jack – London Wedding Photographers  and the creative duo behind Jay Kowalik Photography.

Wedding photography should be considered an art, and this is something that we truly believe in. Seeing everything without being seen…being everywhere without being felt…We like to have an invisible presence while creatively capturing all the memorable aspects of your special day. Our wedding photography does not simply record how things look. We document organic moments and take wedding photographs that capture real feelings and deep emotions. Our goal is always to tell the story of a genuine and authentic love you have.

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Your wedding will be exclusively yours. A day of heartfelt celebration, laughter and genuine love in the air will be as stunningly unique and authentic as you are. Surrounded by the family and friends, you will together experience a truly meaningful and probably one of the most important moments in your entire lives. This is something that makes me truly passionate about my work – producing a visual heritage of your special day to treasure by future generations.

But remember, your special day will quickly fade away, many things will be blurred and forgotten in few days or weeks after.

Being a London Wedding Photographer I know that is my obligation to make sure that when I deliver your wedding pictures, all memories will come back to you instantly. I want to warm your hearts again with the feeling of happiness and joy that accompanied you on your special day. Be prepared to see some moments, that you probably missed or haven’t got even chance to see through the day,  which I know will absolutely excite and delight you.

As your London Wedding Photographer, I intend to capture beautiful wedding photographs to help you remember your stunning wedding day and bring back memories which you will hold close to your hearts for the rest of your lives.

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