Lovekyn Chapel Wedding Photographer

Lovekyn Chapel Wedding was a very intimate yet truly personal ceremony. The venue is located in the heart of Kingston upon Thames, and it’s the only remaining free-standing chantry chapel in England dates back to 1309. Kevin and Sophie asked me to photograph their wedding ceremony and drink reception in a beautiful courtyard garden only. My civil ceremony package covered their request perfectly.

After emotional service in the medieval chapel, we had some time to take a couple of photographs inside and outside the venue. The Lovekyn Chapel has gorgeous stained glass windows and vaulted ceiling which make a perfect background for wedding portraits. The champagne reception took place in the back garden where I captured some more photographs of newlywed. Sophie and Kevin left the Lovekyn Chapel surrounded by confetti petals and cheering family and friends.

It was a really great experience to photograph an intimate Lovekyn Chapel wedding. Can’t wait to go back and capture some more love stories here.

If you are planning to get married in Lovekyn Chapel I’m more than happy to help you with the wedding planning. Please get in touch to arrange an informal meeting.

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