Rome Destination Wedding Photographer 

I’m saying this loudly – Rome stole my heart! I can honestly say that I’ve have fallen in love from the first sight with this beautiful city. I have only spent couple days there so I ‘m sure I simply have seen a fraction of the Eternal city and I already know that I ‘ll be back there for more – especially would love to be a Rome Destination Wedding Photographer.

Where to start? Rome is well known for his leading landmarks like Colosseum or Trevi Fountain, Spanish steps or Vatican City. Of course, I have visited them all but I know it was done at the speed of light during my four days stay and I should spend more to explore the hidden gems of this beautiful city.  But I mainly went there to photograph a pre-wedding session and to attend prestigious wedding photography conference – “Way Up North“.

Italian wedding photographer

I extremely recommend booking at least a week to see all of the attractions in your peace. One of the disadvantages is overcrowded central Rome including Vatican City where I spent at least hour queuing to get inside (and it was a fast track line booked in advance) – but it was well worth it. Be prepared for “floods” of tourists anywhere around Rome’s landmarks, no matter the season.

I’m fascinated by the city of Rome and  Vatican City is my favourite spot there. If you are an art lover, Vatican Museums is a place to go. What you’re going to see inside will take your breath away.

Raphael, Caravaggio or Titian are only the highlights of the endless gorgeousness available to be seen on Vatican Museum’s walls and ceilings including Gallery of Maps which is one of the most extraordinary corridor/room I’ve ever seen. Make sure you rent a headset from the desk to get all the details around you. It’s worth it to know what you seeing and get all of the artist’s insides about the particular art you appreciate to look at. The cherry on the top is a St Peter’s basilica’s altar which can be seen from the top and bottom. It was a first time in my life that I had tears in my eyes because something was overwhelmingly beautiful. I was truly speechless when I have seen it.

I believe that pictures will speak for themselves  – sit down and enjoy the trip to Rome with me.

If you are planning a luxury destination wedding in Rome, I would love to be your wedding photographer of choice.

Rome wedding photography