Tuscany Destination Wedding Photography

It was a second time this year that we were on our way to Italy for Tuscany Destination Wedding Photography. Claire and Anthony decided that their destination wedding will take place in Anthony’s hometown. Unfortunately, few months before the wedding day Anthony had a serious accident. He was knocked from the roof and broke both his heels. That meant that he had to wear special boots and use the crutches on the big day.

After smooth landing in Pisa, we were quickly on the way to a little town called Borgo Val De Taro on the edge of Parma and Tuscany provinces. We spent our first day by exploring the area and doing the recce for the next day. Borgotaro is a beautiful little town with plenty of sweet spots to do a portrait session. What a surprise it was to discover that it’s also going to be an alpine military festival weekend.

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On the day,  the groom was getting ready in the Alberto Roma hotel. The bride preparation was taking place at Anthony aunt’s house. It was lovely to see how calm they both were, patiently waiting to see each other soon down the aisle. The ceremony took place in tiny, old Santa Maria church. It’s a church in the village of Valdena, located on the top of the hill above Borgotaro. We have been told that it’s Anthony’s family tradition that all of the occasions like wedding or christening always take place in this particular church. After emotional ceremony, everyone moved back to town to celebrate the Claire and Anthony’s marriage in a lovely Italian Ristorante, Al Fondo. The restaurant staff prepared beautiful table set up and the most delicious local Italian food you can ever imagine.

Following speeches and cutting the cake we went to take few photos of only two of them. As Anthony’s mobility dictated where we could go, we decided to stick to the area they got engaged last year. Anthony proposed to Claire on the beautiful wooden bridge surrounded by the sound of trees and water. It was significant and emotional for them to come back there as an already married couple. The sun was already setting while we were on our way to the Alberto Roma hotel when the evening party was about to start.

Overall, the whole day was marvellous, and we are grateful for the opportunity to be a part of such an elegant and emotional destination wedding.

If you are planning a destination wedding in Parma or Tuscany, we would love to be your chosen wedding photographers.

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